We Can Provide You With an Implant Restoration to Save You Time and Money

Implant RestorationWe can provide you with an excellent implant restoration if your crown has worn down. Our implant restorations save you time and money and provide you with the aesthetic improvements you are looking for, as well as the appropriate day-to-day function you expect from a tooth replacement. If you have lost a tooth or more than one tooth, dental implants are a great tooth replacement option to consider. The implant is actually an artificial tooth root that provides permanency for the actual tooth replacement. If you have ever received a dental implant, you know how effective they are at providing the necessary functions you were missing like chewing, speaking, and smiling, as well as good oral health.

Dental Implant Restoration

When you receive a dental implant, the crown is the only part you can see. The dental implant is a post located under your gum line in your jaw. The crown is the tooth-colored, tooth-shaped portion above the gum line that you use every day. A dental implant can last a lifetime since it is surgically implanted into the jawbone, but the crown that covers it often does not last as long as the implant root for natural reasons like everyday use.

Since it is stabilized and held in place by a permanent structure like an implant, a crown covering provides excellent support for chewing and speaking, and it has a natural-looking appearance. Unfortunately, the materials that crowns are made of are not quite as strong as the titanium that is used for the implant. With time and consistent use, your crown may begin to deteriorate or shrink. When this occurs, our Flushing dental office can provide you with an implant restoration that will save you time and money. There is no reason for you to have the entire implant replaced, only the visible crown. Often dentists will claim it is necessary to remove the post in order to effectively replace the visible portion of your restoration. We can replace your crown without performing an extensive procedure that removes the post and costs you more money and a longer healing time.

In most cases, your restoration will be attached to the implant by a screw or dental cement. This design makes it easy for us to disassemble the crown from the implant in a minimally invasive fashion that doesn't require a recovery period. In some cases, the screws that hold your crown on to your implant can loosen. We can easily tighten or replace screws that are not functioning properly.

The materials we use for implant restoration are durable and stain resilient. We will match them to your surrounding teeth for the most natural appearance. We guarantee our implant restorations will last for years and will provide you with a beautiful smile. If your dental implant feels loose, or if it cracks or gets worn down, call us at (718) 445-5610 and visit our office for the quickest and most affordable implant restoration. Our quality procedures will give you the working teeth you need that are nearly as permanent as your actual implant.

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