5 Things You Must Know When You Have a Chipped Tooth

ToothIt's normal to be shocked or even horrified when you have a chipped tooth, but there's no need to panic. Your smile can be easily restored thanks to the many advances made by cosmetic dentistry. Chips and breaks typically occur at the least expected times like while you're eating or playing your favorite sport.

Here are five things you should go over when you chip a tooth.

1. Is it a dental emergency?

Before you go rushing to an emergency dentist, take some time to examine your injury. That way you have a clear idea of just how serious it is. As a general rule, if the chip only affects the outer layers of the tooth like your enamel and dentin, there is no need for an emergency procedure. Just make it a priority to see a dentist as soon as you can. Chips that only affect the outer layers of a tooth typically do not cause any pain.

Now, if the crack makes into the inner layers of your tooth, you need to see an emergency dentist immediately. Ways to detect if the inner layers of your tooth have been compromised include pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, and blood forming within the tooth.

If you aren't sure how serious a chipped tooth is, play it safe and see a dentist immediately.

2. Your dentist might be able to reattach a piece that’s broken off

When you chip a tooth, it's always a good idea to save any piece of your tooth that can be found. Dentists have access to a wide range of dental adhesives and cement that can be used to glue it back in place. That is typically cheaper than fixing the tooth with other cosmetic dentistry options.

3. Leaving it unaddressed should not be an option

It's easy to be tempted to ignore a chipped tooth, especial when it's a small chip. However, a chipped tooth does a lot more than just ruin your smile. It also leaves the tooth exposed since the enamel is the first thing that comes off when you chip a tooth. That leaves your tooth more susceptible to staining and decay.

4. There is always a way to restore the tooth

Cosmetic dentistry has made lots of advances, and there are many ways to fix a chipped tooth nowadays. These include veneers, crowns, and dental bonding. There's no chip that's too severe for an experienced dentist to restore.

5. Learn to prevent it from happening again

Whenever you chip a tooth, it's important that you examine it and try to figure out why it occurred. If it happened while you were eating one of your favorite hard candies, it might be time to give that habit up. If you chipped a tooth while playing a contact sport, consider wearing a mouth guard to prevent it from happening again.

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